A Brandon cat did an impressive vanishing act this weekend after disappearing from her family’s home only to turn up in an old water well.

Toni Gramiak volunteers to help find lost pets in the city said she got a call from a friend after their cat went missing on Saturday.

The cat, named Cali, was in the house when she seemingly disappeared. Her family couldn’t find her but heard the odd meow through the vents.

The next day, the family discovered an old cistern, a deep concrete hole used to draw ground water up, under the home – and Cali was inside it.

Cali was crawling around in the two-metre-deep hole but couldn’t get out.

Gramiak said they first tried to coax the animal up with a blanket, but that didn’t work so they built a carpeted staircase lined with food.

When they tried to lower it into the cistern, though, it got stuck.

“Then we had to spend a couple hours prying and pulling and kicking and finally got it through and set up and secured,” said Gramiak.

The team of cat-rescuers had installed a camera so they could watch Cali while she was in the cistern and make sure she was alright.

“Once the area quieted down, we went upstairs to the living room and watched on the monitor while she casually walked up,” said Gramiak.

She said Cali was weak with hunger but otherwise in good health.