A Winnipeg man now living in Brussels says the mood in the city is tense but that isn't stopping him from living his daily life.

Valentino Carbone was born in Winnipeg and has lived in Belgium's capital for more than ten years.

He lives about 5 km from where a bomb exploded at one of the city's downtown metro stations. A pair of bombs also exploded in the departures area of the Zaventem airport. More than 30 people were killed. 

Carbone said he didn't hear the blasts from his home but he ventured downtown to where his wife works at the European Commission.

"It was very crowded, no circulation, no trade, a lot of people in the street waiting for something", he told CBC's Erin Brohman via Skype Tuesday afternoon.

He said the mood in the area was tense and people seemed scared. 

"A lot of shops that usually was open were closed," he said. "I had to do shopping in a few places." 

"The subway was completely closed. That's why also there was a lot of people outside," he added. 

Carbone said this is the first time something of this magnitude has happened in the decade he has lived in Brussels. But the attacks aren't keeping him home.

"I have an appointment with friends to play table tennis at the only place we can play table tennis tonight," he said. "That's my plan."

He said he plans to go shopping tomorrow and take a vacation with his wife over the Easter weekend. 

with files from CBC's Erin Brohman and CBC News