Progressive Conservative MLAs in Manitoba are about to head into a new session of the legislature, wondering who their next leader will be.

Hugh McFadyen, who has been the provincial PC leader and leader of the Opposition since 2006, announced following his party's loss in the Oct. 4 election that he would resign as leader as soon as a new one is appointed.

McFadyen, 44, retained his seat but his party failed to gain any ground on the governing NDP. Prior to the vote the NDP held 36 seats in the 57 seat legislative assembly, the PCs held 19, and the Liberals one. One seat was vacant.

Following the election, the NDP gained that vacant seat and finished with 37. The PCs and Liberals remained at 19 and one, respectively.

Rick Borotsik, the former PC MLA in Brandon, said whoever takes over from McFadyen has to return the party to its roots.

"Somewhere, somehow, the strategy was, 'let's become more left of what we are as Conservatives' and obviously it didn't work," he said.

"When we started as a party to out-NDP the NDP, that's when the red flags went up."

Borotsik said he has no interest in the job because he's officially and firmly retired from politics.

Tthere is plenty of speculation who might throw their hat into the ring, including party president Mike Richards, Tuxedo MLA Heather Stephenson and Winnipeg lawyer Brian Bowman.

So far, however, no one has officially stepped forward.

The legislature starts its new session on Thursday.