Two Canadian soldiers are dead and three others injured after a landmine blast on Thursday in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Sgt. Robert Allan Short and Cpl. Robbie Christopher Beerenfenger died in the blast.

Master Cpl. Jason Cory Hamilton, Cpl. Thomas Stirling and Cpl. Cameron Lee Laidlaw were slightly hurt.

Manitoba MP and Alliance Justice critic, Vic Toews, believes Canada still has a role to play in Afghanistan, but he wonders if our soldiers have enough government support.

"Our party has raised numerous concerns about the equipment that our soldiers receive," says Toews. "I can't speak specifically about this incident, whether there could have been things done differently. I think we have to wait to see the official report, that we can examine that and determine, have we somehow failed our soldiers and can we as a Canadian people do better?

Manitoba Liberal MP, John Harvard, defends against that kind of criticism, saying the Canadian peacekeepers are given as much support as possible.

"I'm satisfied they do have the training and the equipment," says Harvard. "I must remind you that the Americans are famous for their personnel and their equipment and they're dying in Iraq. We always knew that possibly there would be a loss of life and limb in our operation in Kabul."

Harvard says he remains convinced that sending Canadians as peacekeepers in Afghanistan is a noble cause. He says tragedy should not deter us.

Canadian soldiers make up about one-third of the peacekeeping force in Kabul.