Canada's federal and provincial governments are contributing almost $30 million to help solve homelessness.

The investment comes off the heels of a study that tracked the progress of people across the country, including more than 500 people in Winnipeg with mental illness who have experienced homelessness.

Joe Hatch

Joe Hatch was one of the people followed and given housing as part of the study. (CBC)

Joe Hatch was homeless and received housing through the study.

Hatch said having a stable home was crucial to his success and getting a job. 

“Just the night and day difference,” said Hatch. “I can remember the first night that I slept in my own bed and it was just heaven.”

Hatch also said it will take more than money to reduce homelessness.

What is really needed, he said, is more affordable housing.

The study found giving people on the street a place to live first, then supporting them with other needs, is what tended to work most effectively.