Gary Doer, Canada's ambassador to the United States, spoke about the election results to a group of students in Manitoba, saying he will have to work with all political parties in Washington.

Doer was at Red River College on Friday.

He noted that Canada, in addition to working with a Democrat in the Whitehouse in Barack Obama, must also forge relationships with politicians in Congress.

"We are dealing with not only the president, we're dealing with senators that are Republican and Democrat," Doer said. "We are dealing with a House of Representatives that is led by John Boehner, a Republican. So it's our job to deal with all parties."

Doer, the former NDP Manitoba premier, said he was careful to be non-partisan during the election campaign.

He said a number of economic issues facing American politicians could have repercussions in Canada.

He noted that provinces with a diversified economy, such as Manitoba, should be able to cope with uncertainty in the U.S. economy.

"We are a very diversified economy," Doer said of Manitoba. "So we are less vulnerable, as we were in 2009, to just one market. But the bottom line is, it's better for all Canadian businesses, including workers, to have predictability in the United States."

With files from the CBC's Sean Kavanagh