Canada Day celebrations in Winnipeg

From flags to festivals to fireworks, people in Winnipeg are taking advantage of summery hot weather to celebrate Canada Day.

From flags to festivals to fireworks, people in Winnipeg are taking advantage of hot summer weather to celebrate Canada Day.

With the sun shining and the mercury peaking at around 30 C on Sunday, a number of outdoor events are underway, including all-day festivities at The Forks and Assiniboine Park. Fireworks are taking place at both locations that night.

Earlier, thousands of people, clad in red and white shirts, came to the Manitoba legislature to form what they hope will be the country's largest "living" Canadian flag.

"Just everyone's out here celebrating … you see the beauty of Canada," said David Koroma, who took part in the event.

"It's a testament to Canada, I guess; it shows that that many people care to come out."

Winnipeg wants to keep 'living flag' title

Winnipeggers won the title of having Canada's largest living flag last year, but this year it faces stiff competition from Langley, B.C., according to the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, which organized the event.

Organizers say they should find out by Monday if Winnipeg will retain its title.

Meanwhile, a two-day street festival continues on Sunday in Osborne Village, which was recently named Canada's great neighbourhood of 2012 by the Canadian Institute of Planners.

The association presented a plaque to Coun. Jenny Gerbasi, the city councillor for Fort Rouge – East Fort Garry.

The street festival continues all day with more music, street vendors and activities for people of all ages.

"I wish Canada Day came every day," said Pramila Bahl, who was enjoying the festival on Sunday morning.