A special camp that helps teach people with special needs how to ride bicycles kicks off Monday.

The "I Can Shine Bike Camp" works with children and adults with disabilities to help them learn the basics of biking.

Manda Krimmer is one of the supervisors who works with children at East St. Paul Arena.

Over the course of the five day camp, Krimmer said participants stand to gain cycling skills as well as a boost to their self-esteem.

"I wish all the parents would take a photo of their child the morning before they come in, and then Friday when they leave, because you can just see that they're all walking pretty differently, they have a strut to their step because they're all pretty happy with themselves,” said Krimmer.

Eighty per cent of people who take part in the camp are able to ride a bike on their own by the end of the week, organizers said.

The I Can Shine Bike Camp takes place July 28 to Aug. 1.