A thief wasn't really using his head when he broke into a Brandon business — but he certainly used it on the way out.

Security surveillance video shows the man smashing through the glass entrance door of All Points Electric, using a large metal ring. But on his way out, he leads with his head and slams into the solid glass of the door he didn't break through.

He gathers himself quickly after the jolt and scampers out the broken window on the adjacent door.

Business owner Darren Wright found the shattered window when he came to work on Thursday and also saw two garage windows had been smashed, along with three truck windows.

Then he came across the bumbling break-in artist on the store's surveillance footage.

While he was angry about the damage, Wright admitted he had a chuckle.

"The alarm sounded so he had to hurry out and that's when we saw the comical reaction of him hitting the other door that he hadn't broken," he said.

There was also a lot of relief when Wright discovered nothing had been stolen.

"I mean you're frustrated and angry at first because someone [is] vandalizing and trying to steal," he said.

"So when you see the funny video it does relieve some of the tension and frustration we had."

Brandon police are investigating the incident and haven't made any arrests yet.