Bummer summer: Southern Manitoba gets extra rain, cool weather

After one of the coldest winters since 1898, Winnipeggers and much of Southern Manitoba are dealing with a less than ideal transition to summer as well.

Southern Manitoba deals with below normal temperatures, above normal rainfall after bitter winter

Katie Cribbs shops for bathing suits despite a cool, wet start to summer in Southern Manitoba. Cribbs said it's nice the suits are on sale, but she's hoping for better weather to wear one in. (Chris Glover/CBC)

After one of the coldest winters since 1898, Winnipeggers and much of Southern Manitoba are dealing with a less than perfect transition to summer as well.

April’s temperatures were well below normal, with 33 per cent more rain than the area typically sees. May and June’s temperatures were slightly below normal, with overnight temperatures dipping well below normal.

And so far this June, Southern Manitoba has seen 25 per cent more rain than usual.

In the last 11 days alone, The Forks saw 104 millimetres of rain.

All of that is cutting into business along the lakefront at Winnipeg Beach.

Mayor Tony Pimentel said the bad weather means many businesses have stayed closed longer than normal and the ones that are open have seen a 25 per cent dip in sales.

“We all still love the place, so we’re not going to leave tomorrow, but it is tough on us,” said Pimentel. He owns an arcade and has seen a drop in business. He also couldn't open on many days in May, since there is no heater inside.

John Smaizys owns Johnee's, a restaurant in the area. He said if things don’t pick up by July long weekend, it could be a huge problem for his business.

“I hope that the weather forecasters are wrong and this stuff is going to move away,” he said. “They can send it to Ontario! I don’t care!”

Not everyone’s upset by the cloudy, cool weather. Tammy Pakulak visited the beach Thursday morning, and enjoyed the moderate temperatures and overcast sky.

“I don’t like the sun. It makes it too hot, and I sunburn and that’s no fun,” she said.

As for those dying to see the sun, they’ll have to wait at least a few days.

The forecast calls for rain for much of the weekend, with skies only anticipated to clear on Tuesday.

CBC Meteorologist John Sauder said there may be a few breaks between showers this weekend.

Saturday and Sunday call for afternoon showers, but Sauder said early in the day will provide a bit of a reprieve.

"It's not a wash-out this weekend, but when it is raining, there's potential for some pretty heavy downpours," said Sauder.