Mayoral candidate Brian Bowman wants to get young engineers into city hall.

Bowman pledged a host of measures to get young Manitoba graduates and students involved in city planning and infrastructure development if he’s elected.

Bowman said the universities and colleges in Winnipeg are an untapped resource and, “City hall has done very little to pursue it. Our post-secondary institutions are leaders in our community and its where our future leaders are being moulded.”

In an announcement at the University of Manitoba on Thursday, Bowman laid out a plan that will see:

  • A new research chair in municipal infrastructure for the Faculty of Engineering at the U of M.
  • A new expert panel from Winnipeg’s post-secondary institutions to work with city staff to create best practices and improve efficiencies in infrastructure processes.
  • A new mayoral scholarship program for Grade 12 students.
  • Expanded internship and co-op placements in the Winnipeg Public Service.
  • Expanded community engagement at universities.