A Brandon woman is facing charges after she sparked a massive police search for her child who was never missing.

Brandon police said a woman reported her three-year-old son missing around 3 p.m. Monday. She told officers the child had been abducted from the downtown area.

Officers launched a massive search for the boy until about 90 minutes later when they learned the mother had given her child to a relative earlier in the day and fabricated an abduction.

Const. Kirby Sararas said officers became suspicious when they were looking at surveillance tape and found the woman hadn’t been with the boy when she said she was.

“The child was located safely, and she knowingly placed the child with a relative,” he said. “I’m not really sure why she alleged the child was abducted, but it did cost a lot of police resources.”

The 33-year-old woman was charged with public mischief and appeared in court Tuesday morning.