Brandon, Winnipeg crack Top 10 Canadian cities

Two Manitoba cities rank highly in a new survey on the best places to live in Canada, based on affordability and overall lifestyle.

Brandon, Man., ranks ahead of Winnipeg as best cities to live in Canada, according to MoneySense magazine.

Overall, Manitoba does well in the new survey of the best places to live in Canada, based on affordability, and overall lifestyle.

In all, 105 Canadian cities were ranked according to factors such as discretionary income, healthy lifestyle factors, crime, unemployment, and the number of days where the temperature was below zero.

Personal finance magazine MoneySense names Ottawa the best place to live in the country for the third year in a row.

The magazine says high paying federal government jobs and employment security insulate many Ottawa residents from the economic realities facing other Canadians.

Also ranked in the top 10 are the Manitoba cities of Brandon at number six and Winnipeg at number 10. 

Other Prairie cities in the top 10 include Regina and Red Deer, noted for low unemployment and high income.

Toronto and Vancouver with high housing prices did not make the top 10.