Striking faculty members of Brandon University have reached a tentative agreement with the school, ending a long strike that threatened to scuttle a complete semester. Classes are set to resume Monday evening.

In a brief new release issued late Friday, the bargaining teams announced that a deal had been reached and job action would cease as of 11:59 p.m. CT.

No details on the agreement were released.

"We were not that far apart, in terms of what the union position was and what our position was," Deborah Poff, president of the university, said Saturday. "But it just didn't seem to happen. So in one way I was not surprised. But I certainly was very much relieved."

About 240 full-time, part-time and sessional professors, librarians, professional associates, instructional associates and administrative associates at the western Manitoba university went on strike 45 days ago.

Students reacted to the news of a deal with glee and trepidation.

"Students are very excited and relieved to get back to class," Deandra Tousaignant, president of the student union, said. "Definitely a little bit anxious, because right now we don't quite know how the term is going to be."

Tousaignant added that many in Brandon were concerned about the impact of a drawn-out strike.

"I think everyone within our community is relieved," she said. "This strike has been challenging for everyone here in Brandon. It's something that's spread within our community. Its definitely relief within our community that this is finally over."