An unusual talent won teenager Christina Munchinsky of Brandon, Man. a $10,000 trip for two to the Island of St. Croix.

The 17-year-old hula-hooped her way to victory on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Munchinsky was invited to perform after she submitted a video of her twirling to the show last week.

The teen kept 73 hoops going at the same time to the surprise of a packed audience.

Show host Ellen Degeneres couldn't believe it, but Munchinsky missed her amazed expression.

“It was hilarious because I couldn't see her while I was hula-hooping because I was busy hula-hooping,” said Munchinsky. “After I watched it I was just laughing so hard at her reaction.”

Munchinsky said she’s been hula-hooping since she was five.