Brandonites have been bracing for a major flood this spring - parts of the community are being protected by so-called super sandbags to turn back river water. ((Brady Strachan/CBC))

Residents of Brandon shouldn’t be alarmed if they see a police officer turn up on their doorsteps in the next two weeks.

In what’s being billed as a first, Brandon Police Service officers are going to nearly 900 homes and businesses in the western Manitoba city to conduct a survey regarding possible evacuations due to springtime flooding from the Assiniboine River.

The biggest concern is the possibility flood waters backing up through the sewer system and creating a health hazard.

Officers will ask for contact information and whether people have pets or special needs in the event of an evacuation.

'Planning is the key to any success.' —Brandon Police Staff Sgt. Larry Yanick

BPS Staff Sgt. Larry Yanick said such a measure has never been taken as long as he’s been a police officer.

"This is the first time in my 34 years as a police officer being involved in something like this," he said.

"It's a lot of work. We have to dedicate [and] deploy a lot of staff to ensure every home is contacted."

Yanick said the effort to get in touch with people and gather information is a vital move.

"Predictions are indicating this could be the flood of the century (for the community) ... so we are certainly preparing for that. This is preparation we have to take and planning is the key to any success," Yanick said.

Officers begin going door-to-door in the north part of Brandon on April 4th.