Police in Brandon, Man., are looking into reports thatone of their officers shot willing victims with a Taser stun gun at a house party earlier this year.

Brandon Mayor Dave Burgess confirms the force is investigating both on- and off-duty police officers reported to have been involved in the incident, which took place in October.

It's believed an on-duty police officer fired his Taser at least twice, includingat an off-duty colleague and a civilian, Burgess said.The two reportedly asked to be shot with the stun gun.

"I will add that it wasn't done maliciously, as far as trying to hurt somebody, but it's still not something that we can accept, and we will have to, of course, address this," he said.

"It's not something that would ever be ignored. You don't want to have something like this to happen at all."

Brandon police officers began using Tasers about two years ago.

"We'll have to see how things go as far as the future, but we are continuing with it," Burgess said.

"The police department does feel it's a very valuable tool they have, but … of course, this kind of an incident is disturbing and is not appropriate."

Burgess said he was pleased with the way police administration was handling the matter. He expects investigators to get to the bottom of the incident in the next few months.