It was the Manitoba police force that described suspects in an April fraud investigation as good-looking and now they are turning heads again online - this time for a meme drawing attention to distracted driving. 

The Brandon Police Force tweeted a meme of Captain Picard from Star Trek with his palm over his face with text that read 'C'mon man, 100 cellphone tickets?! In a month?!' on Monday morning.  

The meme was to draw attention to statistics that were released by Brandon police Monday from an enforcement blitz to mark distracted driving awareness month. 

During the month, police in the western Manitoba city issued 168 tickets, of which 100 were for cellphone use in vehicles, according to Brandon Police.

The remainder of the tickets were for various Highway Traffic Act offences, police said in a news release.

Police forces use memes, videos, rap battles across Canada 

The Brandon Police Force is the latest police agency to use memes and videos to make people think about bad habits on the road. 

RCMP in Nova Scotia released their own version of Drake's 'Hotline Bling' in April called 'Cop Light Bling' highlighting legislation requiring drivers to slow down and move over when emergency vehicles are parked at the side of a road.

The video had nearly 600,000 views on YouTube as of Monday afternoon.

And Winnipeg Police joined a winter driving rap battle last year with a 'Salt N Pepa' parody. The battle started with a challenge by RCMP in Kindersley, Sask. last November. Police forces in Regina, Calgary and Edmonton were also among those that joined the battle.

Monday's meme isn't the first the Brandon Police service has used. 

They also tweeted a meme to draw attention to slippery streets one winter morning in January.

Distracted driving carries a penalty of $200 and five demerits in Manitoba. 

with files from CBC News