The City of Brandon has passed a bylaw forcing the owners of any new gas stations to do an environmental clean up of their site should it close down.

The law comes as a partial relief to some city business owners, who say abandoned service stations have become a blight on the city.

Two vacant gas stations sit near Barry Cullen's store and he says the companies are just packing up and leaving them dormant, creating an environmental hazard and warding off potential new business opportunities.

"They move in, they shut their stations down the let it sit there," Cullen said. "You've got way too much environmental baggage to go along with it. It doesn't make any investment sense whatsoever to touch this property."

The city has been debating the bylaw since 2007, according to city records. It passed third reading and became law earlier this month.

The law does not affect the abandoned service stations that already exist.