The mayor of Brandon, Man., says she's sorry for threatening to strike a city councillor during a meeting last week.


Streaming online video of a Brandon city council meeting on Nov. 5 shows Mayor Shari Decter Hirst threatening Coun. Stephen Montague to 'slap you on the back of the head so hard your head will spin.'

In a statement sent Tuesday, Shari Decter Hirst said she met with Coun. Stephen Montague on Friday, with other councillors in attendance, to apologize for what she called her "aggressive verbal behaviour."

Montague admitted that he did not follow protocol at the Nov. 5 council meeting, but he has said the mayor crossed the line.

During the meeting, which was broadcast online, Decter Hirst was heard saying, "Stephen, if you ever show disregard with that microphone on again, I will slap you on the back of the head so hard your head will spin."

On Tuesday, Decter Hirst said it was "absolutely unacceptable behaviour" to let anger rule her actions.

Decter Hirst said Montague has accepted her apology.