Brandon residents are dealing with the soggy aftermath of a Thursday night storm that saw 77 millimetres pummel the wheat city in just three hours.

On Friday Brandon residents like Detlef Wengenroth assessed the damage.

“You're lucky you can't smell this,” said Wengenroth. "As if you had 10 cows having diarrhea."

Brandon rain

The city of Brandon got 77 mm of rain Thursday, and more is in the forecast. A weather advisory in effect Friday calls for showers and a risk of thunderstorms Friday into Saturday. (Ryan Hicks/CBC)

Wengenroth's sewer backed up from all the rain, raw sewage pouring into his recently renovated basement.

"Bacteria left and right, big time," he said.

It is too early for residents like Wengenroth to get a damage estimate, but he can’t begin to fathom the cleanup.

"Trying to clean it up on my own? Impossible,” he said. “I don't know how long it will take to get the smell out"

$100K damage from 2007 flood

Holly Johnston had a front row seat.

She said the torrent of rain and subsequent water pooling brought back memories from the 2007 flood when she lost everything.

She lost $100-thousand worth of property to a flooded out basement that year.

”We get scared and run downstairs every time it rains because we're terrified it's going to happen again.”

The past few springs have seen similarly intense rain in Brandon.

Brandon officials said the city is looking at improving its drainage system.

"Overall the system just becomes overwhelmed,” said Patric Pulak, Director of Engineering with the City of Brandon. “When you get an event like that, it doesn't matter — we just don't design the systems for that kind of event"