A six-year old boy was mauled by a pack of stray dogs on a remote northern Manitoba reserve.

It happened Monday morning on the Shamattawa First Nation, located about 750 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg.

Chief William Miles said the boy was so badly injured that nurses didn’t think he would survive.

"His face was all wounded and torn up in some spots around the side of the head," said Miles. "I think the throat area was also bitten."

The boy was rushed to the local nursing station and then airlifted to a Winnipeg hospital in critical condition. He is now listed in stable condition.

Shamattawa, Man.

Band Constables and RCMP located three of the dogs that may have attacked the boy and destroyed them, RCMP said.

Miles said the community’s dog situation is out of control and the community is desperate for a solution.

RCMP Sgt. Line Karpish said stray dogs are a problem in a number of remote communities.

"They're left wandering around the community fending for themselves, and unfortunately what occurs — and we do see this, many of us have in our careers from time to time — young children become prey," said Karpish.

"When they pack they can become very dangerous and quite frankly are a public hazard and public safety issue."

Miles said there are no programs in place in the community to spay or neuter the animals and keep the population from growing.

"We don't have the expertise to do that," said Miles, adding, "We don't have the funding."

Instead, the community will hold a massive dog cull to kill many of the dogs in the community. The community typically holds one per year but will be holding one soon in light of the attack.

Earlier this month, a dog-rescue agency called for an end to dog culls, after a dog was found badly injured and left to die in the snow.