A Winnipeg father is outraged after his teenage son, who has an intellectual disability, was attacked and thrown into a dumpster where he was left for hours. 

John Morrissette says his 13-year-old, Jean-Micheal, was walking home from school on Jan. 7 when he was attacked by two men and thrown into a dumpster near Winnipeg's Flora Avenue.

John Morrissette and his 13 year old son Jean-Micheal Morrissette

John Morrissette said his 13 year old son Jean-Micheal Morrissette, who has an intellectual disability, was attacked by two men and thrown into a dumpster near Flora Avenue where he was left for hours in the cold on January 7.

Morrissette said his son, who has an intellectual disability, is still shaken and hasn't been able to talk much about the incident since it happened.

"He did tell us that he was hit, assaulted on the side of the head," Morrissette said.

He doesn't understand why anyone would want to hurt him.

"Once he told us what happened I was outraged and angry … You know, how dare you hurt my child, my baby? You know, treating him like trash and throwing him in a dumpster."

Morrissette says his son was stuck in the bin for at least two hours in the cold before he was found by a woman who worked at a nearby youth centre.

"I thank her every day for finding him."

'It's disgusting'

Nicole Langlois said she could hear faint cries coming from the dumpster while she was walking with a group of teens that she works with. She said the bin was closed and when she opened it she found Morrissette inside.

"I said, 'Are you OK?' He just kind of looked up right away and said, 'Help. They pushed me in here.' And he was trying to get up but he couldn't get up because there was so much garbage on him."

Dumpster near Flora Avenue where 13 year old boy was found

John Morrissette says his son, who has an intellectual disability, was attacked and thrown into this dumpster near Flora Avenue on January 7. (CBC)

Langlois said she got one of the guys from her group to help Morrissette out. She said he looked scared and ran off.

"It's disgusting. It makes me sick to my stomach how people can do that," Langlois said.

Morrissette said he was able to track down Langlois at Flora Place where she works, and thanked her for saving his son.

He's now planning on introducing his son to Langlois so he can personally thank her, too.

"Nicole has been a real angel. You know, she saved him," Morrissette said. 

Morrissette is now worried about his son's safety and has filed a police report.

He said his son's school is covering the cost of his cab rides home until he can get bus transportation.