There are some big early-morning lineups this Boxing Day as shoppers try to cash in on big post Christmas sales in Winnipeg.

CBC News reporter Megan Benedictson is braving the big box stores and the parking lots.

Boxing Day lineup

Shoppers line up outside Future Shop on St. James Street on Thursday, hoping for Boxing Day deals. (Megan Benedictson/CBC)

"I just left Future Shop and the parking lot here outside the Best Buy and Old Navy area [on St. James Street]

is just crawling, packing with people going in and out of the stores," she said at about 7:30 a.m.

"I think just about every spot in the lot is taken up right now."

Prior to Best Buy opening at 6 a.m., a couple of brothers told Benedictson they had been waiting outside since 1 a.m. They said this was the fourth consecutive year they've lined up for Boxing Day deals together.

And they made quick action once they got in, getting what they needed and leaving within five minutes.

Shoppers in mall

Polo Park Shopping Centre was buzzing with shoppers on Thursday. (Megan Benedictson/CBC)

 They each bought a printer for about half price — $50 off.

Another man said he saved $100 on a stereo system that he grabbed for about $60.

Inside Polo Park Shopping Centre, shoppers were lined up outside Hollister clothing store. A couple of teenaged girls told Benedictson they were hoping to cash in on half-priced jeans for $30.

On the other end of the spectrum, Benedictson spoke to someone who said the major deals were few and far between.

"He's been doing Boxing Day for years and he actually says he's disappointed that he didn't see the big door-crasher sales that he used to," she said.

"He says a couple years ago, he grabbed an $800 TV for about $200. He says this year he didn't see those kinds of extreme deals."