A day after exchanging barbs with David Sanders, Gord Steeves has now taken aim at Brian Bowman and his bus rapid transit expansion plans.

Steeves said Bowman never costs out any of his campaign promises.            

Bowman's promise to build three-to-five new legs of rapid transit in Winnipeg may cost homeowners as much as a 30 per cent property tax increase over the next several years, said Steeves.

“Mr. Bowman is not responding to my request to have him explain how he's going to build three-to-five legs of Bus Rapid Transit,” said Steeves. “I feel it is my right to ask again and I feel the citizens of Winnipeg deserve to have an answer.”

Steeves said he appreciates that this is Bowman's first election and perhaps he's never seen a recent city budget.

Steeves scoffed at Bowman's assertion that housing and commercial development along rapid transit lines could pay for the new routes.

“There's no way that this Bus Rapid Transit plan is achievable right now, and people need to understand this,” said Steeves. “The issue must be debated during this election. I feel our city is on the verge of making a huge mistake.”

Steeves is campaigning on a tax freeze and cancelling the second phase of the rapid transit line to the University of Manitoba.