Brian Bowman heads to Ottawa for big city mayors meeting

Winnipeg's Brian Bowman will join 21 other Canadian mayors in Ottawa this week for a Federation of Canadian Municipalities meeting.
Mayor Brian Bowman will talk with other big city mayors about many issues, including the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations, Syrian refugee resettlement, infrastructure, public safety and climate change. (CBC)

Winnipeg's Brian Bowman will join 21 other Canadian mayors in Ottawa this week for a Federation of Canadian Municipalities meeting.

The Big City Mayors' Caucus meets two or three times a year to discuss shared issues, and this week, two of the main topics will be the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Syrian refugee resettlement.

The mayors will also discuss infrastructure, public safety and disaster mitigation, and climate change, a news release said.

Last year in June, the federation called on municipalities to work toward implementation of five of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations relating to municipal governments. Last month, Bowman proclaimed 2016 the Year of Reconciliation in Winnipeg. As part of that, he declared support for the TRC recommendations, including mandatory diversity training for all city staff.

"At this week's meeting in Ottawa, I will also be discussing with my colleagues ways we can better share and learn what each of us is doing to promote racial inclusion and address the challenges of racism, which are challenges we face across Canada," Bowman said.

"I also want to continue this discussion when the Federation of Canadian Municipalities meets in Winnipeg later this year."

Winnipeg is hosting the FCM's annual conference and trade show in June. It brings together more than 1,500 people and is Canada's largest gathering of municipal officials.