Boo is back — stolen dog found 600 km from home

A dog believed stolen during a break-in at a Manitoba home has been found — 600 kilometres away.

Dog stolen from Winnipeg home during break-in, robbery found in The Pas

Dog stolen from Winnipeg home during break-in, robbery found in The Pas. The CBC's Angela Johnston reports. 1:50

A dog believed stolen during a break-in at a Manitoba home has been found — 600 kilometres away.

"Words cannot describe our happiness!!" wrote Rick Ducharme on his Facebook page on Thursday.

Rick Ducharme and Sonia Chaves, who work in Winnipeg but live in Grosse Isle, just northwest of the city, returned home last week and found their house trashed.

Some alcohol, jewelry and electronics were gone but so was Boo, the couple's eight-year-old miniature poodle–Lhasa Apso cross.

They made tearful pleas in the media for Boo's return and on Thursday  exactly one week from the break-in — they posted the following message:


It is with the greatest happiness that I share that Boo is home!!

We received a tip Wednesday afternoon that we should look in northern MB

Specifically The Pas
Emails began being sent to as many places as possible for posters to be hung!!
Within 2 hours, I received a call from The Town of The Pas office, telling me they had a dog at their pound who resembled Boo and could they send me pictures!
Once I received the pictures, I knew at that moment that it was our Boo!!

We drove to pick her up last night and she is home safe now with her family where she belongs!

We were told that she was dropped off on Friday at the pound. We don't know by who and we're leaving that in the RCMP's hands. The dog catcher sent a picture to the town office to post on the website not 10 minutes before my email was received!
Special thanks to Jennifer, Shawna and Scott at the Town of The Pas for contacting us so quickly and to everyone who has shared, posted, prayed and joined in our search for the missing link of our family!

We couldn't ask for anything better for Christmas!!
Merry Christmas to all!! Keep your fur babies close!!

Chaves said the six-hour drive to get Boo was "the longest ride ever. Emotionally, it was the longest ride I'd ever been on in my life."

They now have Boo back at home and the pooch is back to her old self.


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