Blue Bombers fan claims $200K in surprise 50/50 win

Tyler Jackson was toasting a surprise $200,000 jackpot on Saturday — and he's likely going to have to console a friend for a little while longer yet.

Friend 'told me he didn't want a dime, but I feel kind of bad,' winning man says

Winnipeg Blue Bombers WR Clarence Denmark, QB Matt Nichols and RB Andrew Harris celebrate victory after CFL action between the Bombers and the Edmonton Eskimos in Winnipeg on Thursday. (CFL/Jason Halstead)

A Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan is toasting a surprise $200,000 jackpot — and likely going to have to console a friend for a little while longer yet. 

Tyler Jackson, 19, took home $199,673 in the 50/50 draw in front of a crowd of 30,000 during the Bombers' winning matchup against the Edmonton Eskimos at Investors Group Field Thursday night.

"At first I didn't believe it," He told CBC. "It took a couple of minutes for it to actually process that it was the right number." Jackson said he'd kissed his game ticket, numbered E-309370, just after buying it.

While Jackson and his friend pooled their cash to play the 50/50 at another game this season, this time, the friend didn't want to, he said. 

"He's a little upset, but I might give him something," Jackson said. "He told me he didn't want a dime, but I feel kind of bad." 

Jackson said he hopes to use the money to live out a childhood dream: attending the Monster Jam monster truck rally world finals, which will be held in Las Vegas next year. He plans to bring his family along.

"It's something I've wanted to do for a couple of years," Jackson said.

He said he'd use the rest to buy a house when he's a few years older. 

The other half of the 50/50 money supports amateur football and other non-profit organizations in Manitoba and Blue Bombers-sponsored community programming, the team says. 

As for the number E-309370? Jackson joked he may get it tattooed on his arm.