An artist's drawing of the new Blue Bomber stadium under construction at the University of Manitoba. ((

A City of Winnipeg community committee has accepted a controversial traffic plan for the new football stadium at the University of Manitoba.

Roughly ten delegations spoke out Monday against the city's plan for routing traffic to and from the new Blue Bombers stadium at the U of M campus in Fort Garry.

7000 parking spaces

Some citizens complained there was not enough community consultation given the problems with limited parking and traffic congestion.

Planners are looking at roughly 7,000 parking spaces to accommodate the 33,000 seat stadium in south Winnipeg that is set to open for the 2012 CFL season.

The traffic plan recommends setting aside parking spots for carpoolers, building bicycle stalls, extra transit stops and additional bus routes during major events.

Parking restrictions and police-manned checkpoints will be put in place in nearby residential areas to avoid overloading those streets with fans.

Stakeholders committee

But some citizens told the Riel Community Comittee that it's unrealistic to expect car-loving Winnipeggers to take the bus to major events.

The community committee said an advisory committee must be struck with all stakeholders, including residents from all surrounding neighbourhoods along with Bomber fans from elsewhere in the city.

And planners must eventually define what qualifies as an 'event' — since the transportation plan won't be activated for every activity at the stadium, just the major ones.