The proposed design for the proposed Blue Bombers stadium features angled canopies partially covering the seats and field. ((

The first steel piles have been driven into the ground as construction begins at the site of the new Winnipeg Blue Bombers football stadium.

"It’s very exciting, with the piles in place soon you will begin to see the structure rise from the ground and the new stadium will take shape," Jeff Thompson with the football club stated in a news release.

"There is a lot of activity on site, and everything is on track."

Stadium construction cam

Watch it here

With construction now underway, the football club will be providing regular updates through to the scheduled completion in time for the 2012 CFL season.

As well, anyone interested in watching the construction can check out a live camera feed on the Blue Bombers website.

"Our live webcam is a unique way for fans to stay up to date with the ongoing construction," said Thompson. "We encourage all our fans to go online and watch the structure become a stadium."