A boil water advisory is in effect and schools were closed Wednesday in the Town of Virden after a major water main break late Tuesday night.

The break occurred beneath Wellington Street and a section of road above the pipe washed out.

Virden main break

All schools in Virden were closed Wednesday in light of the water main break Tuesday night.

Jeff McConnell, Virden’s mayor, told CBC that the leak went unnoticed for a period because it occurred near a creek.

Public works employees were eventually alerted, but there is a possibility residents were receiving unclean water into the early hours of Wednesday morning before the advisory was issued.

“We were getting chlorinated water, but not water that was being filtered and treated,” said McConnell.

McConnell said in a Facebook post that the Office of Drinking Water advised town staff to keep building up water in Virden's reservoir and water tower.

The cause of the water main break is also unknown at this time, and the advisory may be lifted as earlier as Wednesday evening.

"I do not have information as to when the boil water advisory will be removed but we will provide notices at that time," said McConnell.

The boil water advisory will remain in effect until the break can be repaired.