​Winnipeg police have confirmed the body pulled from the Red River on Friday is that of a teenager who was seen swimming across the river then disappeared.

Police have not released the teen's name, but godmother Tracey McKay told CBC News that Jeremy Malish David disappeared Tuesday after swimming with friends. 

McKay said David may have been drinking before he went into the water, but he didn't like swimming.

Police were called to the Red River, north of the Harry Lazarenko Bridge (formerly called the Redwood Bridge) at 9:10 p.m. on Aug. 15 after a witness told police the boy had swum half way across the river before he disappeared.

Dive teams scoured the area for days. 

On Friday morning, police said someone in the area spotted something in the water and alerted emergency crews.

Fire crews and the police river patrol found the body in the water near St. John's Park.