Rock star turned humanitarian Bob Geldof was in Winnipeg Wednesday to receive the St. Boniface Hospital and Research Foundation's 2008 International Award.

Stuart Murray, the foundation's CEO, said Geldof would have a busy day in the Manitoba capital

"The last time that he really … spent time in Winnipeg is when he was a young, you know, rock 'n' roller," said Murray. "He remembers staying at the Y, and he was so cold that his jeans were frozen. So it's kind of nice to go from having frozen jeans and staying at the Y to getting the key to the City of Winnipeg."

Part of Geldof's visit includes rubbing shoulders with Manitobans — representatives from Winnipeg Harvest and the Siloam Mission — who are working with the poor.

"We tried to include some of the community members that are involved in that," said Murray. "So he had a chance to sort of meet them and sort of get a sense of what a great community Winnipeg is and what tremendous contributions people here are making around poverty and in that area."

Geldof was to tour the St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre and have lunch with community leaders.

His agenda also included a trip to Winnipeg city hall to get the key to the city.

Hannah Taylor of the Ladybug Foundation was to present Geldof with his award at a gala dinner Wednesday night.