The three houses at the centre of a major City of Winnipeg investigation have cleared one hurdle, as their blueprints are being approved by an engineer.

The people living in the houses, which were built by Hollywood Homes, were told by the city earlier this year that their homes might have to be demolished because the blueprints used to build them appeared to have been altered.

New addresses had been written on the blueprints, and the documents carried the engineering stamp of Les Frovich, who has said he had nothing to do with those projects.

CBC News has learned that Hollywood Homes had inserted the addresses on the blueprints.

CBC News has also learned that Frovich has since examined and signed off on the blueprints for two of the houses, located on Pritchard and Bowman avenues.

The blueprints for the third home, on Chevrier Boulevard, are expected to be re-sealed on Thursday.

The engineer will next have to conduct an inspection of the homes.

Both Hollywood Homes and the design company, InterPro Building Design, continue to deny altering the engineering seals on the blueprints.

Officials with Hollywood Homes say they bought the blueprints from InterPro with the seals already in place. The building company pointed to an invoice as proof that it was charged for the seal.

The only thing that changed on the documents was the address for each new project, according to Hollywood Homes.

City officials continue to investigate the matter. An internal report is expected on March 12.

The city is also investigating whether one of its own housing inspectors, Sig Steinhilber, may be in a conflict of interest.

InterPro Building Design is registered to Steinhilber's home address.

As well, it appears he may have inspected one of the houses that were designed by InterPro. A city inspection seal on the house has his name stamped on it.

City officials have not confirmed if the inspection seal in question is valid.