Two months of bitterly cold weather across most of Manitoba is freezing business at a number of outdoor stores and recreation parks.

Roz Pulo, the marketing director of Asessippi Ski Area and Resort, said business has been down 80 per cent on certain days compared to last year.

“You know you have to get into reactive mode – find ways to change up the business a little bit,” he said, adding this year’s Christmas holidays, normally their most profitable time, were a bust for the business.

“It is very huge. It will be tough to recover. When you have to have this recovery time, it is going to be tough on our business,” said Pulo.

Outdoor recreation park Adrenaline Adventures is also feeling the freeze. The business was forced to close down more days in December and January this year than any other.

Even stores that sell winter sports equipment have seen a dip in sales.

Walter Jozwiak of LifeSport said ski sales are down 25 per cent this season.

“We just take it for what it is and wait for spring to come when we sell bicycles,” he said.

At least for Jozwiak, there was a small silver lining. The business brought in a new line of parkas for the extreme cold this year, and those apparently sold like hot cakes.