A turf war between a pair of outlaw motorcycle gangs has spilled into peaceful Winnipeg neighbourhoods, police say.

Winnipeg police believe three recent shootings, which left two people wounded, might be connected to a turf war between the Rock Machine and the Redlined Support Crew, a Hells Angels puppet group.

"These incidents are happening in quiet communities, residential areas, and the impact that this is having on families, young people, is something that I think all members of the public need to be aware of,"  Const. Jason Michalyshen told CBC News.

More officers have been assigned to monitor the biker gangs, Michalyshen said.

"We're closely monitoring these situations and are as concerned about these matters as the individuals who are directly involved," Michalyshen said.

"We're not taking this lightly whatsoever, and the last thing that we want is this to escalate any further. From our perspective it's escalated enough.  We have injured people out there and we don't want to see this carry on any further."