Winnipeg city councillors have put the brakes on a proposed bylaw amendment that would have required groups of 10 or more cyclists to obtain a parade permit.

The original proposal was meant for large groups of cyclists parading through the city with required police escorts.

But it would have inadvertently affected other cycling events, from food and bike tours to road safety programs, as organizers would have to pay for permits.

"It seems a bit ridiculous, and this is something that we should perhaps stop and have a community-wide discussion about," said Pat Krawec, executive director of the Winnipeg Repair and Education Cycling Hub (W.R.E.N.C.H).

Now the bylaw is being sent back for review, after a local lawyer spotted the issue.

"We're going to wordsmith it a little bit," said Coun. Scott Fielding. "The intent will definitely be there. We'll change the language." 

Fielding added that the original proposal "did come from a good place and it came from some of the councillors and some of the big groups that are there."

Coun. Jenny Gerbasi said she's glad to hear the unintended consequence of the bylaw amendment will be addressed.

"I don't think they realized that it meant that there was this line in here that said 10 or more bicycles are not allowed to congregate," she said.

Krawec said he's happy the bicycle bylaw is getting a tune-up.

"It's been a long time coming that we have a very wide-open and frank discussion on what it means to be safe road users," he said.