A Winnipeg woman says a big box development slated for East St.Paul will make residential streets in her neighbourhood dangerous.

Cathy Cox, who lives in the city's North Kildonan area, close to the Perimeter Highway and Lagimodiere Boulevard, is worried about the mall, being eyed for a plot near the Lagimodiere and Perimeter cloverleaf.

The province won't allow the developer to access those main throroughfares

that leaves Gateway Road as the main access route. And that means all of Gateway's residential arteries, particularly Headmaster Row — which directly links Gateway to Lagimodiere — will become busier.

She notes that other major malls in the city — Polo Park, St.Vital and Kildonan Place — are all on major routes.

"All of those large shopping centres are accessed by multilane regional streets. So to have a two lane street access a big box development just doesn't make sense. It's huge safety concerns," she said, adding there is a a community centre near the corner of Gateway and Headmaster.

"I don't know how those kids and parents would access that location if they had to cross the street. And you've got kids that have to walk to schools in the area, they have to cross Gateway and Headmaster every day," Cox said.

The city councillor for North Kildonan, Jeff Browaty, agrees roads in the area, like Gateway, are not big enough to handle the volume of traffic that would be expected with the mall.

“The right thing to do would be to provide a proper access point on and off, from that cloverleaf. I know that's not going to be a cheap thing to do, but again, let's do the right thing,” he said.

Cox and several of her neighbours have been handing out pamphlets protesting the development. They have distributed 2,500 so far.

A public hearing on the development is set for Nov. 20th in East St. Paul.