The city’s director of public works, Brad Sacher, isn’t optimistic his department can find better ways to plow back lanes.

A large number of complaints about back lane plowing have come in this year because snow plows are leaving high ridges (sometimes as high as one metre) that block access to driveways and garages.

Last month, Coun. Russ Wyatt introduced a motion at city hall to review whether or not the city should be responsible for clearing windrows (piles of snow pushed onto people’s properties by snowplows). The motion asked the public works committee to review different options for clearing back lanes.

But Sacher isn’t convinced there are any other good options.

Sacher said part of the problem is crews are dealing with twice as much snow this year compared with an average year.

Compounding the problem, there’s not much space in back lanes to store plowed snow.

“We’re going to look at the practicality of any equipment that might be able to deal with the windrows,” he said. “But in terms of storage or alternatives in back lanes, it’s extremely limited.”

Despite his doubts, Sacher said a report will be prepared on alternatives and their costs and provided to councillors.