Winnipeg Transit’s first accordion buses have arrived and will be picking up passengers in the coming weeks.

Transit purchased 20 pre-owned, 60-foot articulated buses from New Flyer Industries for $53,000 (plus PST) per vehicle. Another $11,500 per bus was spent to have New Flyer refurbish the vehicles.

If new, each bus would have cost $625,000.

Articulated buses are made up of two solid sections linked by a pivoting joint. The sides of the bus can flex like an accordion, leading to nicknames such as bendy or stretch buses.

An articulated bus can carry 54 passengers while a regular transit bus seats 38. Winnipeg Transit said the added capacity will allow it to provide improved levels of service during peak periods with fewer operators and buses.

That, in turn, will result in lower costs and fuel consumption per passenger, Transit said.

The use of Winnipeg's transit system has grown to the point where overcrowding is a frequent problem and more passengers have to be passed by at bus stops, stated a news release from the City of Winnipeg.