A Winnipeg photographer who was a fixture at graduations and convocations has died.

Barney Charach passed away Sunday.

John Danakas at the University of Manitoba said Charach was still shooting convocations up until about eight years ago when he was injured in a fall.

"He took thousands, thousands of photographs, showed humour, flare and just an amazing spirit," he said. "You couldn't go to convocation and not notice Barney Charach."

BARNEY charach

Barney Charach told CBC it was ironic that he dropped out of school in grade 8, but spent his professional life in schools and universities, photographing students who stuck it out. (CBC)

Danakas said Charach was a natural with his subjects.

"And he was as nimble as a panther. Really something to see him at work getting all the students in line. He would use his sense of humour to get them loose and laughing."

Charach was 91.

CBC profiled Winnipeg photographer Barney Charach in 2004.

Watch Wayne Rostad's piece from CBC's On The Road Again by clicking on the video above.