A Winnipeg North End watch group is extending its call for donations it plans to send almost 800 kilometres north to a First Nations community currently dealing with a suicide crisis.

The Bear Clan Patrol issued a public plea Friday for goods to help boost spirits in Pimicikamak Cree Nation.

"These people are so marginalized; they are underfunded; they don't get the same educational benefits," James Favel with the patrol said. "We need to step up and really work towards parity with these people it's just not equitable."

Favel says right now they are asking for donations of adult colouring books, ice fishing equipment and indoor sporting goods, like basketballs, volleyballs and floor hockey gear.

"These kinds of things that will keep them busy and focus on something else," Favel said. "Also, it's

[still] ice fishing season up there, and I know it's in high demand and short supply, so we could definitely use some of that. And it's easy to transport and light and doesn't take a lot of room."

The northern Manitoba community of Pimicikamak is grieving after a number of suicides and suicide attempts among young people, and community members are calling out for help. (CBC )

On Saturday, one woman donated over $3,000 worth of fabric, material, high end beads and sewing machines to send north, Favel said.

The group is hoping to gather as many donations as they can by Friday, at which point they'll start shuttling things north to the community. Financial donations are also welcomed, Favel said. They will be used to cover fuel costs for the trip(s) north around the end of next weekend.

"We've only raised $140.00 so far in cash, so I's going to be a long haul yet…. Whatever has to get done will get done."

Donations can be dropped off at the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre at 445 King St. before Friday.

With files from CBC's Courtney Rutherford