Dozens of community members came together at Winnipeg's Indian and Metis Friendship Centre on Saturday night to celebrate the third year of what Althea Guiboche calls "feeding relatives on the street."

Guiboche, known as 'The Bannock Lady' in Winnipeg, started handing out bannock to the city's homeless in 2013.

It hasn't been an easy road — one year into Got Bannock her van was sprayed with graffiti and she relies on donations to keep the operation going — but she's helped countless people who are feeling down and out.

Once homeless herself, Guiboche is now running for the Liberals in Manitoba. At the celebration, which included T-shirts, balloons, entertainment and raffle tickets, she did touch on certain things in government she believes need to change.

"Anybody can go homeless," she said.

Althea Guiboche

T-Shirts with, 'Got Bannock?' printed on the front were available at the celebration on Saturday. (CBC)

"I believe that policies are allowing a lot of people to go homeless and the government should be doing a lot more …There's so many resources and money and housing that's empty, we should step up and totally eradicate homelessness today."

Overall, however, the event was about coming together and uniting as a community.

"[It's] just to remember each other," Guiboche said. 

"We're all one race: The human race."