A banker originally from Winnipeg has returned to his hometown to prepare for his attempt to climb Mount Everest for charity this spring.

Sean Mooney currently lives and works in the United Kingdom, but he has returned to Winnipeg to train for his upcoming trek — his first up the world's highest peak.

Mooney, an experienced athlete who admitted his mountain-climbing experience is "fairly limited," has started a diet and training program to build up his endurance.

Mooney is spending $55,000 of his own money on the climb. He is accepting donations for Right to Play, an international organization that works to improve the lives of children in impoverished and war-torn parts of the world through sport.

Those who want to donate can check out Mooney's page on the Right to Play website.

Mooney won't be the only Winnipegger with his sights on Everest's summit this spring.

Dean Carriere, 47, is aiming to become the first Manitoban to scale seven of the highest summits on each continent.