The Manitoba government is spending $4.7 million on road renewal in southwest Winnipeg this year, including the heavily-used McGillivray Boulevard.

Premier Greg Selinger announced Wednesday that $1.1 million will go towards McGillivray rehabilitation work, while the City of Winnipeg will match that amount as a cost-share project.

The road base will be reconstructed then the eastbound lanes from Irene Street to Pembina Highway will be re-asphalted. There will also be some intersection improvements to the southbound turn lane at Pembina Highway.

The other roads getting a piece of the funding pie this year include:

  • Mulvey Avenue from Hugo to Cockburn Street North.
  • Laval Drive from Pasadena Avenue to McMaster Road.
  • Laidlaw Boulevard from Cuthbertson Avenue to Mountbatten Avenue.
  • Bryn Mawr Road from Dalhousie Drive to Baylor Avenue.
  • Garwood Avenue at Stafford Street.
  • Nesbitt Bay from Crescent Drive to Pembina Highway.
  • Fleet Avenue from Rockwood Street to Thurso Street.
  • Oakfield Place at Fairmont Road.
  • Fairmont Road from Oakfield Place to Grant Avenue.
  • Rue St. Pierre from Avenue Lemay to Avenue Du Couvent.
  • Rue St. Pierre from Avenue Ste. Therese to the south end of Rue St. Pierre.
  • Corydon Avenue eastbound from Kenaston Boulevard to Centennial Street.