A Winnipeg woman says she and her three young children are trying to move out of an inner-city rental home that has been plagued by sewer backups.


Althea Guiboche says she worries about her family's health in light of recent sewer backups in the basement of her rental home on Aberdeen Avenue. (CBC)

Althea Guiboche said she thought the house on Aberdeen Avenue was in good shape when she and her children moved in two months ago.

But now, Guiboche said she is worried about her family's health in light of recent sewer backups in the basement.

She added that her landlord has not cleaned up the mess or fixed the main problem.

"I was like, 'Oh my God, that's what I'm smelling?' Oh, I can't even live here," Guiboche told CBC News on Tuesday.

The landlord is Navdeep Randhawa, who owns and manages more than 40 inner-city properties along with his mother, Kulijinder Randhawa.

number of former tenants have complained to CBC News in recent months about run-down conditions and poor maintenance at properties owned by the Randhawas.

Guiboche said a plumber did come by earlier this week, but the mess remains, as well as the stench of raw sewage.


Raw sewage and flies are visible in the basement of Guiboche's rental home on Tuesday evening. (CBC)

"I just want to get out of here. I'm paying too much for garbage," she said, adding that she pays $995 a month in rent.

The North End Renewal Corp. says it is helping Guiboche to get the home shut down, or at least force a repair order on the landlords.

Reached by phone, Navdeep Randhawa told CBC News that the problems in Guiboche's basement have been "taken care of."

When asked about the mess that remains in the basement, Randhawa refused to answer and hung up.

In the meantime, Guiboche said she is keeping her windows open and her vents closed to keep the smell at a minimum.