A tenant of a Winnipeg apartment complex says she's worried about several baby foxes hiding under a concrete slab walkway in the building.

Claire Cooper said she found the "four little babies" last week under the building on Henderson Highway where she lives.

"They've got fluff around their face and they got little tiny noses, and they're just so cute," she told CBC News on Wednesday. "They look just like a Pomeranian puppy."

Thanks to a small crack in the concrete, Cooper has been feeding grapes to the pups.

However, she's trying to coax them out before construction work begins on the property.

Claire Cooper

Claire Cooper points to the small space where at least four baby foxes are hiding under the Henderson Highway apartment complex on Wednesday. (Jillian Coubrough/CBC)

"This building is going to be filling in holes so they can get the MuddRuckers to lift up our deck," she said, referring to a local concrete lifting and levelling company.

Cooper said she's concerned the foxes could become trapped after the work is done.

"Wildlife is wildlife and they need to move out for their own safety because wildlife and humans don't mix," she said.

Cooper said she has called the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre for advice and was told that foxes don't like loud noises or the smell of bleach, so she plans to put a radio and some bleach-soaked rags near the spot where the pups are hiding.