Staff of a Winnipeg auto repair shop say they're frustrated not just because their business was broken into twice recently, including once this morning, but also because it seemed like police haven't done much to help.

Thieves have targeted Fast Track Auto, located in the city's West End, several times in recent weeks.

The last two incidents — including the most recent one, which happened early Thursday morning — were captured by the shop's security cameras, with the footage showing someone taking computers, scrap metal, and even a car from the lot. The video footage even shows the culprit's face.

Nadia Alnaji

Fast Track Auto employee Nadia Alnaji says a police investigator told her there's nothing they can do about a break-in and robbery on Thursday, despite the culprit's face being visible in surveillance video footage, because there were no fingerprints at the scene. (CBC)

B ut shop employee Nadia Alnaji says when police were first contacted following a break-in a week ago, an investigator said there was nothing they can do because there were no fingerprints at the scene.

"We even had the footage and we were showing them like, 'OK, well, this is the guy, this is how he looks,'" she said Thursday.

"It was clear footage and he was like, 'Yeah, sorry there's nothing we can do. He was wearing gloves, so there was no hand prints."

A Winnipeg Police spokesperson said despite the impression an investigator may have given, the investigation is continuing.

Const. Jason Michalyshen said investigators have identified people who were wearing gloves and masks, and the investigation is moving forward.

He added that video surveillance footage is often used to catch criminals.