Twelve security cameras and a locked gate weren't enough to protect a Manitoba business from thieves who stole $100,000 worth of all-terrain vehicles and other merchandise this week.

Adventure Power Products in Île-des-Chênes, Man., was broken into at around 3 a.m. Tuesday.

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Security photos turned over to police after an ATV business was broken into Tuesday. One of the owners said three thieves broke in, but seemed to know how to avoid the 12 cameras. (Derek Roth)

Co-owner Derek Roth said at least three people scaled the fence and took apart the locked gate's hardware to enter the store's compound, then loaded up the most expensive specialized ATVs into one of his own 32-foot open trailers before driving everything off the yard.

"I'm just like everybody else — you work hard, you know, to build on something," he told CBC News on Thursday.

"It's just like anybody else would feel. You feel violated and, you know, it's something that's very tough to get over."

atv theft

One of the security cameras caught the thieves loading ATV's on the company's trailer, which was also stolen. (Derek Roth)

The 30-minute act was captured on the store's 12 security video cameras, but Roth said the robbers found a way around them.

"We've definitely got some great footage, but they definitely knew kind of which directions to look and not expose themselves to our cameras," he said.

Staff discovered the theft when they arrived later that morning, Roth said.

RCMP are investigating the incident.