Two people were hurt when a man fell from the 4th floor onto another man in the atrium lobby of the Brandon Regional Health Centre.

The man who fell is in critical condition, officials said Friday.

The other person, a patient in the facility, was in stable condition and back on his ward.

It happened around noon.

It was not immediately clear how the man fell but officials noted it took place at the same balcony where a woman fell to her death Dec. 31.

A review after that case concluded no changes were needed to the atrium space.

The head of the local health authority said that decision will be reviewed.

"Any fixes that might be offered up to us are obviously being sought out from experts to ensure that this does not happen again," Brian Schoonbaert, the CEO of the Brandon Regional Health Authority, said Friday.

The most recent fall was witnessed by several people and police were investigating.

"It's obviously very concerning to the region," Schoonbaert said. "We obviously will have to work very diligently in our review of the whole incident."